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Dennis Colin, Speaker Builder magazine

Build a kickin' sound system on wheels!

Rap, reggae, rock, or Rachmaninoff - whether you crave a window-rattling rolling boom box or the most faithful auto music reproduction, there's only one good way to get the car stereo you want: Build it yourself.

Here's the only guide you need to cook up your ultimate vehicular audio and video feast. Written by a master of audio electronics - and now completely updated to include the latest audio and video technologies - The Car Stereo Cookbook shows you how to plan your design, choose your components, install them optimally - and save a lot of money!

Unlike books that cover only specific systems, the Cookbook shows you how to customize. With the Cookbook, your system will fit your tastes, your budget, and your car or truck, whether it's a radical sport utility vehicle or your Dad's old Chevy. The book is clearly organized by project type - from speakers, subwoofers, and amps to equalizers, bi-amping, and accessories - so you can quickly find the information you need on all the ingredients your dream machine requires.

Featuring guidance on using the right specialty tools and step-by-step instructions for more difficult procedures, The Car Stereo Cookbook puts you in the fast lane to the custom auto sound system that'll leave your friends' pathetic factory-made output choking in your dust.

Achieve the extreme in Mobile Entertainment Integrate new technologies such as MP3, WMA, HD Radio, 5.1 channel sound, including mobile video and satellite radio Get more amp power for your money Achieve superior sound imaging Upgrade premium factory sound systems such as Delco/Bose and Ford/JBL Properly set amplifier gains Interface a CD changer or digital music player to any system Pick the right power line capacitors, speaker wire, patch cables, and sound-deadening materials Avoid common automotive noise problems

Paperback, 359 pages
Published by McGraw-Hill
Publication date: April 2005
Size (inches): 0.98 x 9.10 x 7.29
ISBN: 0071448470
List price: $24.95
Our price: $18.70

1. Before You Begin
2. Connectors, Supplies, Tools, and Techniques
3. Speakers and Speaker Projects
4. Subwoofers and Subwoofer Projects
5. Head Unit Projects
6. Mobile Video and 5.1 Channel Audio
7. Amplifiers and Amplifier Projects
8. Equalizers and Equalizer Projects
9. Biamping and Crossovers
10. Changer and Player Projects
11. Accessories
12. Battling Noise
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