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Want to build your own subwoofer? The Subwoofer Design Toolbox is ideal for auto sound as well as home applications. For less than the price of a set of premium patch cables, you can design your own high quality subwoofer the easy way and save money!

Adding a subwoofer to your car provides a dramatic improvement in bass and lets you play your main speakers louder and cleaner by transferring the "burden of bass" to the sub. The Subwoofer Design Toolbox gives you the tools to do it right!

If you want to build your own home speakers, we've got the best books on the subject. For the technically inclined, the Loudspeaker Design Cookbook is the ultimate guide. Speaker Building 201 provides the perfect mix of theory and practical application. Neither book is complete without the Subwoofer Design Toolbox for your subwoofer or full-range box design.

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