A Comprehensive Course in Speaker Design

Speaker Building 201 is a full, sequential explanation of the physics on which the loudspeaker is based, starting with magnetism and its discoverer. All the breakthroughs, step by step, which made the loudspeaker possible are deftly detailed. Along with this, Ray Alden conducts a wonderfully simple, understandable approach to the math involved, still explaining and demonstrating simply as he goes along. He shows the reader how to do the math and why it is important. His formulas are explained for use with a scientific calculator-with completely worked-out examples. Alternate methods using professional software or free calculators found on the Internet are also shown.

This book takes the neophyte speaker builder by the hand and guides him, step by step, from knowing nothing about speakers to real mastery of both the craft and the art. It is a comprehensive and easy-to-comprehend tour through loudspeaker theory in terms that any reader will understand easily and quickly.

Subtitled "With 11 Completely Designed Speaker Systems," this book will be a godsend to the neophyte who really wants to learn how to design speaker systems. Further, the author has had substantial participation by several firms who have supplied data on drivers and components, plus designs for complete speaker systems. The final chapters of the book offer full plans for eleven loudspeaker projects, five of which were measured by Joseph D'Appolito in prototype form.

Paperback, 154 pages
Published by Audio Amateur Press
Publication date: October 2004
Size (inches): 0.40 x 10.84 x 8.44
ISBN: 1882580451
List price: $34.95
Our price: $25.95

1. The Adventure Begins
2. The "Big Three" Parameters and the Closed Box
3. The Vented Enclosure
4. Opening Pandora's Box
5. Special Applications
6. Subwoofers
7. Two-Way Crossovers
8. Three-Way Crossovers
9. Hardware and Software
10. Crossover Optimization & Measurement Techniques
11. Eleven Speaker Systems
12. Construction

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