From the May 13, 1932 edition of the St. John's Record:

Over towards the Red River Valley we spy Mahnomen on the map, the town noted for the Clan Rumreich. John K. Rumreich, '02. is the John Deere implement dealer there. Erhard Rumreich, '06, is one of Mahnomen's M.D.'s. He also owns a drug store. For a number of years he has also been connected with the Veterans' Bureau. Frank Rumreich, '26, is now employed as an electrical engineer in Milwaukee.

His brother Cyril, '27, is a pharmacist at Devil's Lake. The Devil's Lake Drug Company claims "Cy's" services. Of the same family another brother now attends St. John's. George will be our alumnus himself in a few years. The last we heard from Cyril Rumreich, '06, was at the time he was in Minneapolis. Emilian,'14, nephew to Cyril, has a hardware store in Pisek, N. Dakota, the "old home town." Albert, '13, his brother, works out of Grand Forks. Another Johnny, Joseph Lovik, '08, though not of the Clan Rumreich, is living in Mahnomen. He is Clerk of Court of Mahnomen County.

Saint John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota was Alma Mater to many Rumreichs in the early twentieth century. The three youngest sons of Frank Paul Rumreich, John K., Erhard and Cyril, were all "Johnnies." They attended the university between 1901 and 1906.

A decade later, the two oldest sons of John J. Rumreich, Adolph and Frank G., attended St. John's. They were cousins to the first round of Rumreich Johnnies. They were joined by the two oldest sons of Albert A. Rumreich, Emil and Albert G. Rumreich.

The third round of Rumreichs attended a decade later, in the mid to late twenties. The four youngest sons of Frank W. Rumreich, Frank T., Cyril, George and Florian, began their college careers at St. John's. Frank T. continued on to Marquette. Cyril, George and Florian subsequently attended the North Dakota School of Pharmacy.

Ninety years after the first Rumreich Johnnies, John D'Amico, grandson of Frank T. Rumreich, attended Saint John's.

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St. John's Record, May 1, 1911, page 218

Erhard Rumreich arrived and spent a few days at the Alma Mater

St. John's Record, October 1, 1912, page 398

Dr. Erhard Rumreich was married to Miss Stasia Vislisel at Pisek

St. John's Record, July 1, 1913, page 340

The Diploma of Graduation in the Commercial Department was awarded to Frank Rumreich

St. John's Record, July 1, 1913, page 342

The Medal for the Highest Average in the Academic Course was awarded to Adolph Rumreich

St. John's Record, December 1, 1913, page 485

"Doc" has changed his field of activity from Pisek to Mahnomen

St. John's Record, May 1, 1915, page 90

Rumreich Alumnus

St. John's Record, April 1, 1916, page 235

John K. Rumreich elected Mayor of Mahnomen

St. John's Record, April 1, 1924, page 191

Adolph Rumreich has received an appointment as instructor in Bacteriology and Hygiene in the Medical Department of Creighton University

St. John's Record, March 4, 1926, page 218

Basketball manager Frank Rumreich

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Frank Rumreich, better known as "Bosco" is attending Marquette University

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The "Clan Rumreich"

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The "Clan Rumreich" Arises

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