Painting by Alfons Mucha
The painting of Saints Cyril and Methodious by Alfons Mucha is an important part of Rumreich family history. This mural-sized work was commissioned by Frank Paul Rumreich in 1885 and still graces St. John's Church in Pisek.

Frank Paul Rumreich was one of the first settlers to arrive from Europe to start the town of Pisek, North Dakota. He made trips to visit his homeland many times, always returning with friends and relatives to settle around Pisek. While there one time, he commissioned the now famous artist, Alfons Mucha, to paint a picture of Saints Cyril and Methodius - the patron saints of Moravia. Their names were hoped to be used in the naming of the new Catholic church in Pisek.

The painting was brought to Pisek in 1887 by Frank's sister Marie, when she and her family sailed to the U.S. Ultimately, the church was named St. John Nepomucene, but the magnificent 6' x 10' painting of Saints Cyril and Methodius still hangs in the church.

See a photograph of the painting, taken in Saint John's Church.
The booklet Painting by Alfons Mucha Graces Pisek, North Dakota, Church by Faith Chyle Knutson was published in 1979. It's here in html format, by permission of the author. Efforts were made to retain as much of the character of the original booklet as possible.
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