Nemcice is a village southwest of Ivancice in what is now the Czech Republic. Nemcice was the birthplace of the many Rumreichs who came to America in the late 1800s.

Church records show Rumreich births in a number of houses in Nemcice:

Jan Nepomuk Rumreich was born in House Number 25 in 1786

Dominik K. Rumreich was born in House Number 33 in 1823

Frank Paul Rumreich born was born in House Number 43 in 1847

All children of Dominik K. Rumreich (except Frank Paul) were born in House Number 33 during the period 1848 to 1870

A Nemcice directory from about 1825 shows the occupants of the 71 houses of the town:

The directory shows house 33 in the Rumreich name.

Many of the names in the Nemcice directory are familiar to Pisek North Dakota, including Patocka (house 66), Jelinek (house 46), Schnedar (house 8) and Studeny (house 25).

The directory shows house 43 registered to Ondre Bitomsky. His daughter, Frantiska, was the mother of Frank Paul Rumreich, who was born in this house. Frantiska would be the namesake for four generations of sons named Frank.

A map of the town from the same period shows both house numbers (black) and parcel numbers (red):

The colorful design shows dark green parks and gardens, green meadows, bright green pastures, crimson brick buildings, yellow wooden buildings, brown paths, and blue rivers. White areas are left to the courts and courtyards, public spaces and land that was not possible to till.

An aerial view of the same area today with houses 25, 33 and 43 marked:

House Number 25 today

House Number 43 today