June 25, 1967

Dear Frank,

Pardon the delay in not writing or answering your letter sooner then of this date.

Thank you for your birthday greeting.

Time sure flys by. Next year plan to take my 80% Soc. Sec. It will not be much am sure. But may help toward the BEER Bill.

Sorry you did not have much time the last I saw of you. When you folks had the reunion.

My daughter and myself are, what may be termed. ON THE MOVE. I sold the Apartment House and on part of the lot will be part of new Y.M.C.A. Building. They bought two thirds of the block on which the house of ours stands. We have till September 1st to live in it.

I have already bought a small house and am fixing it up. That is part of the delay in not answering. Likewise could not get my brain a working to remember where the picture of this GREAT AGGRESSIVE MAN (Grand Pa) was.

Finally found it, in one of my old books where I keep old pictures. So I am enclosing two others.

The one with the old man shaking his finger is Grand Pa. After a big jack rabbit hunt. Pointing his finger at your dad. No doubt bawling him out. Sitting on the ground below your dad is A.C. Lovcik. Below Grand Pa is John Kolar. The young fellow with rabbit on back may be uncle Cy or Doc.

Grand Pa sure was a go-getter. Had a great deal of foresight. And boy he made all his off-springs work, and work hard. He was the one to enjoy a little life. Such as hunting, had his own fish pond. Own bowling alley. He had an orchard, large garden. Was a taxidermist. A very versatile man. He started the roller mill in Pisek, set up a drug store, furniture store, hardware store, had farms. And was in Europe a number of times, always bringing back some relatives to start anew in the U.S.A.

He sure used his mind. Such as getting land for just planting trees. To obtain a deed. At that time called a TREE CLAIM. The part of town on which the high school is built. Grand Pa got the deed for this land by planting trees. I have the deed signed by President McKinley.

I could go on and write more, but some things have slipped my mind. As we were pretty young kids when Grand Pa passed away. Most of what I know was told to me by my parents.

Now the other picture, you may have one I do not know, is the four of you holding the Apple on left side, above you Myself, next to me on right Louis Lovcik and below Louis, Clestin Rumreich.

Your children and grandchildren may get a BANG as to what their daddy and Grand Pa looked like. I just do not recall how old we all were, but do know we were all born the same year of 1906. According to what we are wearing, we might have been under two years. As you remember, girls and boys wore long dresses for many a year.

Hope these bring back some of your memories.

I am also enclosing a part of your family tree back to great grandma and great Grand Pa. It might interest you. Was told when young, that Domminik was a BIG WHEEL in Europe.

Frank, you may keep the card showing your dad and Grand Pa. As for the building behind them, that's the house where Grand Pa kept all the stuff for mounted animals. Too bad that not much, if any, is left. We used to have an enclosed glass display, made by Grand Pa. With mounted birds, game birds, native birds including types of grass crops. Even a humming bird.