In 1909, John K. Rumreich moved to Mahnomen from Pisek, ND. Over the next six years, he would be joined by three of his brothers; Frank, Doc and Cy. These four men and their families would become a part of the fabric of Mahnomen.

John K. was the sixth of nine surviving children, and was the first Rumreich ever born on American soil. His parents and older siblings had emigrated from Austria in 1880. His father, Frank Paul Rumreich, was one of the first settlers to arrive from Europe to start the town of Pisek.

John K. Rumreich and brothers.
Left to right: Albert, Ernest, Frank W., Doc, Cy, John K.
Taken about 1910.

After moving to Mahnomen, John K. operated a farm implement and hardware business. Ads for his business frequented the Mahnomen Pioneer newspaper from the teens through the forties. John K. also served as Mahnomen's mayor in 1915 and 1916. He and his wife Barbara had seven children: Theophil (Toby), Alois, Louise, Clara, Marcella, Mildred and Irene. Many of them later raised families of their own in Mahnomen.

In August 1913, John K.'s younger brother, Dr. Erhart "Doc" Rumreich moved to Mahnomen with his wife, Stacia. Doc had been mayor of Pisek and had a successful medical practice there. Doc continued his practice in Mahnomen and became very active in the community. His office was in the corner building across from Ruud's Drug Store. Doc served in World War I and was an active member of the American Legion. He was a member of St. Michael's Catholic Church and served as Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus from 1925 to 1927. He was coroner of Mahnomen County from 1926 to 1946.

Doc's crowning achievement was his work with the Mahnomen County Fair Board. He served as its secretary for sixteen years and was responsible for many of the buildings erected there. The Mahnomen County Fairgrounds became a registered national historic landmark in 1989.

In 1915, John K.'s older brother, Frank W. Rumreich moved to Mahnomen from Montana with his wife Mary and six children. The children were: Hermina, Felix, Frank T., Cyril, George and Florian. Frank W. opened a grocery store with a partner, Frank A. Bastyr. The store opened on May 8th, 1915, in a building owned by John K. Rumreich. It was called The Bargain Store.

Frank W. Rumreich continued to operate the store until his death in 1922. At that point, Frank's oldest son, Felix "Tubby" Rumreich (then 17), took over the business. The store later became known as Tubby's Grocery. Felix operated the grocery until his death in 1967. The building for the store is located at 112 South Main Street.

Following Frank W.'s death, Doc and his wife Stacia reared the six children of his deceased brother along with their own daughter, Vivian. (Their mother Mary had died three years earlier.) The children would benefit from a strong upbringing and good education. Hermina, Cyril, George and Florian were inclined toward the medical profession, Frank T. would become an electrical engineer.

John K.'s youngest brother, Cyril F. "Cy" Rumreich was an agent & telegrapher for the railroad. He came to Mahnomen with his wife Margaret. They had two sons, Claremont and Vernon.