Dr. Erhart A. Rumreich
Dr. Erhart A. Rumreich
Born: December 9, 1887 in Pisek
Married: September 1911
Died: November 26, 1946, buried in Mahnomen, MN
Occupation: medical doctor and surgeon

Received his degree in medicine at the University of Minnesota
in 1911. Had his first office in his parents' home in Pisek, later
known as John R. Pavek's house. His first patient was Marie
Kadlec, now Mrs. Cyril Greicar. Was progressive mayor of Pisek
in 1913.

"Doc" as he was known to all, moved to Mahnomen in 1914, where
he continued his medical practice. He and his wife reared the six
children of his brother Frank, who passed away in 1922. Their
mother had died three years earlier.

Doc served in World War I and was an active member of the
American Legion. He was a member of St. Michael's Catholic
Church and served as Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus
from 1925 to 1927. Doc was coroner of Mahnomen County from
1926 to 1946. He served as secretary of the Mahnomen County
Fair for sixteen years and is responsible for many of the buildings
erected there.

In August of 1937, Doc, along with his wife Stacia, daughter Vivian
and friends Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Tembrock took a trip by car to the
West Coast. Read his trip notes here.

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Main Street, Mahnomen. Doc lived in the corner house (#402), later in the next house (#408). Taken summer, 2004.