Postcard from Frank P. Rumreich in Pisek to Josef Vavra, the director of the school in Ivancice. Postmarked August 20, 1899.

Nemcice native Rumreich in his garden in Pisek, North Dakota

I am sending you a picture of birds from foreign counties, which are so colored but their colors are not seen (as the colors of pheasants from Ziegler).

(Note: Probably Ziegler from Ivancice previously sent him a picture of pheasants.)

I came from Kansas. Did you get the picture postcard from Wichita? The weather is very dry, the rivers are drying out. Here, after harvest, the crop is very good but local drought harmed very much.

I am sending you my best greetings.

Yours, F. P. Rumreich


Photos are from the archives of the Ivancice Museum (Muzeum v Ivancicich), Czech Republic.